Thursday, February 26, 2009

Terms And Definitions - Takeoffs And Departure Climbs

Although the takeoff and climb is one continuous
maneuver, it will be divided into three separate steps
for purposes of explanation: (1) the takeoff roll, (2) the
lift-off, and (3) the initial climb after becoming airborne. Takeoff and climb.

  • Takeoff Roll (ground roll)—the portion of the
    takeoff procedure during which the airplane is
    accelerated from a standstill to an airspeed that
    provides sufficient lift for it to become airborne.

  • Lift-off (rotation)—the act of becoming airborne as a result of the wings lifting the airplane
    off the ground or the pilot rotating the nose up,
    increasing the angle of attack to start a climb.

  • Initial Climb—begins when the airplane leaves
    the ground and a pitch attitude has been established to climb away from the takeoff area.
    Normally, it is considered complete when the
    plane has reached a safe maneuvering altitude,
    or an en route climb has been established.

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