Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Takeoffs And Departure Climbs

This chapter discusses takeoffs and departure climbs in
tricycle landing gear (nosewheel-type) airplanes under
normal conditions, and under conditions which require
maximum performance. A thorough knowledge of
takeoff principles, both in theory and practice, will
often prove of extreme value throughout a pilot's
career. It will often prevent an attempted takeoff that
would result in an accident, or during an emergency,
make possible a takeoff under critical conditions when
a pilot with a less well rounded knowledge and technique would fail.

The takeoff, though relatively simple, often presents
the most hazards of any part of a flight. The importance
of thorough knowledge and faultless technique and
judgment cannot be overemphasized.

It must be remembered that the manufacturer's recommended procedures, including airplane configuration and
airspeeds, and other information relevant to takeoffs and
departure climbs in a specific make and model airplane are
contained in the FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual
and/or Pilot'
airplane. If any of the information in this chapter dif

from the airplane manufacturer's recommendations as
contained in the AFM/POH, the airplane manufacturer's
recommendations take precedence.

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