Friday, February 13, 2009

Secondary Stall

This stall is called a secondary stall since it may occur
after a recovery from a preceding stall. It is caused by
attempting to hasten the completion of a stall recovery
before the airplane has regained sufficient flying
speed. Secondary stall.
When this stall occurs, the
back-elevator pressure should again be released just as
in a normal stall recovery. When sufficient airspeed
has been regained, the airplane can then be returned to
straight-and-level flight.

This stall usually occurs when the pilot uses abrupt
control input to return to straight-and-level flight after
a stall or spin recovery. It also occurs when the pilot
fails to reduce the angle of attack sufficiently during
stall recovery by not lowering pitch attitude
sufficiently, or by attempting to break the stall by using
power only.

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