Friday, February 20, 2009

Noise Abatement

Aircraft noise problems have become a major concern at
many airports throughout the country. Many local communities have pressured airports into developing specific
operational procedures that will help limit aircraft noise
while operating over nearby areas. For years now, the
FAA, airport managers, aircraft operators, pilots, and special interest groups have been working together to minimize aircraft noise for nearby sensitive areas. As a result,
noise abatement procedures have been developed for
many of these airports that include standardized profiles
and procedures to achieve these lower noise goals.

Airports that have noise abatement procedures provide
information to pilots, operators, air carriers, air traffic
facilities, and other special groups that are applicable
to their airport. These procedures are available to the
aviation community by various means. Most of this
information comes from the Airport/Facility Directory,
local and regional publications, printed handouts, operator bulletin boards, safety briefings, and local air traffic facilities.

At airports that use noise abatement procedures,
reminder signs may be installed at the taxiway hold
positions for applicable runways. These are to remind
pilots to use and comply with noise abatement procedures on departure. Pilots who are not familiar with
these procedures should ask the tower or air traffic
facility for the recommended procedures. In any case,
pilots should be considerate of the surrounding community while operating their airplane to and from such
an airport. This includes operating as quietly, yet safely
as possible.

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