Sunday, May 11, 2008


PRESSURE DEMAND OXYGEN SYSTEM—Ademand oxygen system that supplies 100 percent oxygen at sufficient pressure above the altitude where normal breathing is adequate. Also referred to as a pressure breathing system.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE—Simple or minor preservative operations and the replacement of small standard parts not involving complex assembly operation as listed in Appendix A of 14 CFR part 43. Certificated pilots may perform preventive maintenance on any aircraft that is owned or operated by them provided that the aircraft is not used in air carrier service.

PROHIBITED AREAS—Areas that are established for security or other reasons associated with the national welfare.

PROPELLER—A device for propelling an aircraft that, when rotated, produces by its action on the air, a thrust approximately perpendicular to its plane of rotation. It includes the control components normally supplied by its manufacturer.

RADAR SERVICES—Radar is a method whereby radio waves are transmitted into the air and are then received when they have been reflected by an object in the path of the beam. Range is determined by measuring the time it takes (at the speed of light) for the radio wave to go out to the object and then return to the receiving antenna. The direction of a detected object from a radar site is determined by the position of the rotating antenna when the reflected portion of the radio wave is received.

RADAR SUMMARY CHART—A weather product derived from the national radar network that graphically displays a summary of radar weather reports.

RADAR WEATHER REPORT (SD)—A report issued by radar stations at 35 minutes after the hour, and special reports as needed. Provides information on the type, intensity, and location of the echo tops of the precipitation.

RADIOSONDE—Aweather instrument that observes and reports meteorological conditions from the upper atmosphere. This instrument is typically carried into the atmosphere by some form of weather balloon.

RAM RECOVERY—The increase in thrust as a result of ram air pressures and density on the front of the engine caused by air velocity.

RAPID DECOMPRESSION—The almost instantaneous loss of cabin pressure in aircraft with a pressurized cockpit or cabin.

REGION OF REVERSE COMMAND —Flight regime in which flight at a higher airspeed requires a lower power setting and a lower airspeed requires a higher power setting in order to maintain altitude.

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