Thursday, May 8, 2008


PILOTAGE—Navigation by visual reference to landmarks.

PILOT'S OPERATING HANDBOOK (POH)—A document developed by the airplane manufacturer and contains the FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) information.

PILOT WEATHER REPORT (PIREP)A report, generated by pilots, concerning meteorological phenomena encountered in flight.

PLANFORM—The shape or form of a wing as viewed from above. It may be long and tapered, short and rectangular, or various other shapes.

PNEUMATIC—Operation by the use of compressed air.

POOR JUDGMENT CHAIN—A series of mistakes that may lead to an accident or incident. Two basic principles generally associated with the creation of a poor judgment chain are: (1) One bad decision often leads to another; and (2) as a string of bad decisions grows, it reduces the number of subsequent alternatives for continued safe flight. ADM is intended to break the poor judgment chain before it can cause an accident or incident.

POSITIVE STATIC STABILITY— The initial tendency to return to a state of equilibrium when disturbed from that state.

POWER—Implies work rate or units of work per unit of time, and as such, it is a function of the speed at which the force is developed. The term, power required, is generally associated with reciprocating engines.

POWERPLANT—A complete engine and propeller combination with accessories.

PRECESSION—The tilting or turning of a gyro in response to deflective forces causing slow drifting and erroneous indications in gyroscopic instruments.

PRECIPITATION—Any or all forms of water particles (rain, sleet, hail, or snow), that fall from the atmosphere and reach the surface.

PREIGNITION—Ignition occurring in the cylinder before the time of normal ignition. Preignition is often caused by a local hot spot in the combustion chamber igniting the fuel-air mixture.

PRESSURE ALTITUDE—The altitude indicated when the altimeter setting window (barometric scale) is adjusted to 29.92. This is the altitude above the standard datum plane, which is a theoretical plane where air pressure (corrected to 15ºC) equals 29.92 in. Hg. Pressure altitude is used to compute density altitude, true altitude, true airspeed, and other performance data.

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