Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alternate Means of Qualifying for A Parachute Rigger Certificate

Active duty military personnel and civilian personnel, who work for the military as parachute riggers, may qualify for a senior parachute rigger certificate under 14 CFR, section 65.117, Special Certification Rule. If they meet the practical requirements, they need only take a special 25-question test.

A senior parachute rigger applying for a master parachute rigger certificate only needs to take the oral and practical test. A person with 3 years’ experience as a parachute rigger, but not holding a senior parachute rigger certificate, must take both the knowledge test and the oral and practical test. Any parachute rigger, senior or master, who wishes to add additional ratings to his/her certificate, needs to take only a practical test for the type rating sought. No additional knowledge test is necessary.


If the applicant fails the knowledge test, he/she may retake the test under the following conditions: An applicant may apply for retesting by presenting his/her failed test report-

(a) 30 days after the date the applicant failed the test;


(b) before 30 days have expired if the applicant presents a signed statement from an airman holding the certificate and rating sought by the applicant, certifying that the airman has given the applicant additional instruction in each of the subjects failed and that the airman considers the applicant ready for retesting.

It is also possible for candidates who pass the test, but receive a marginal score, to retake the test with the anticipation of getting a higher score. In this case, the candidate must wait a minimum of 30 days from the date the last test was taken to retake a passed test. Prior to retesting, the individual must give his/her current airman test report to the proctor. The most recent test taken will reflect the official score.

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