Monday, September 3, 2007


It would be difficult to make a definite statement concerning load factors in these maneuvers as both involve smooth, shallow dives and pull-ups. The load factors incurred depend directly on the speed of the dives and the abruptness of the pull-ups. Generally, the better the maneuver is performed, the less extreme will be the load factor induced. A chandelle or lazy eight, in which the pull-up produces a load factor greater than 2 G's will not result in as great a gain in altitude, and in low-powered airplanes it may result in a net loss of altitude.

The smoothest pull-up possible, with a moderate load factor, will deliver the greatest gain in altitude in a chandelle and will result in a better overall performance in both chandelles and lazy eight's.

Further, it will be noted that recommended entry speed for these maneuvers be generally near the manufacturer's design maneuvering speed, thereby allowing maximum development of load factors without exceeding the load limits.

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